Update to city clean services

Please see below update regarding the current challenges with the city clean service due to the pandemic

Lockdown 1 last March saw City Environment having reduced staffing levels due to sickness and self-isolating. We managed to get through this period by recruiting agency workers, redeploying staff and prioritising workloads.

Latest update

We are and will be doing everything we can to minimise disruption to the service, but the impact of NCV is much greater than before, as you might imagine.

For instance, today we have 30 operational staff absent who either have the virus or are self-isolating. Included in this are six collection drivers,14 streets cleansing staff, three vehicle maintenance staff and all our graffiti removal team.

Our toilet cleaning contractor Healthmatic also has reduced staff due to Covid.

Although there is no service disruption as yet at our Household Waste Recycling Sites or waste transfer stations, Veolia, who operate these, tell us they’re starting to see increased Covid cases among their staff.

We have put into operation stricter additional control measures to try to minimise the risk of transmission throughout City Environment to protect staff and essential services.

We also have contingency measures in place to try to keep the service operating as widely as possible, and where this is not possible to try to minimise impacts on residents.

However, it is very likely that over the coming weeks we will have some service disruption and there have already been some missed collections this week.

The current situation

All services are operating at present, but please be aware of the following:

  • Collections: Down one round this week but will catch up as soon as possible. This is likely to change daily
  • Street cleansing: Work is being prioritising and some regular street sweeps may be missed
  • Graffiti: Only offensive graffiti is being removed
  • Enforcement: The service has reduced staff numbers and is now primarily focussing on fly-tipping. There will be no face to face contact during lockdown
  • Christmas Trees: All trees should be collected with drop off sites closed by this Monday 18 January
  • City Parks: Health & safety plus statutory work is being prioritised
  • Volunteering: Largely suspended other than activities that involve lone volunteers working while exercising (e.g. sheep lookerers)

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