Graffiti Removal Consultation

Brighton and Hove City Council have today opened a consultation on Graffiti Removal. We know this is an issue which concerns our residents greatly, and as a result we have copied the information released by the council below.

At present the council is only responsible for removing graffiti and tagging from its own buildings and other equipment it owns like bins, lamp posts and playpark equipment.

We’re not responsible for removing anything on private property or land, including graffiti on company buildings or belongings, unless it’s offensive.

The consultation is open until 15 December and takes around 10 minutes to complete. It contains 11 questions including:

  • how big a problem tagging and graffiti is for the city
  • whether companies like BT, Virgin Media and gas and electric providers, should clear graffiti from their own equipment like electricity/junction boxes
  • whether Network Rail should remove graffiti and tagging from property it owns like bridges, hoardings etc
  • what views people have on private homeowners and landlords removing graffiti from their properties
  • should the council set up its own graffiti removal service that can charge companies and homeowners for removing graffiti

The consultation closes on 15th December.

Cllr Hannah Clare

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  1. With respect, how about preventative measures to actually stop these idiots causing this unsightly mess in the first place? I see that Melbourne, Australia now has a law where anyone found with a spray can without a rock solid reason is immediately fined $500. Perfect. Why not bring in a law such as this? Trying to decide how to clean up AFTER the damage is done is akin to the cart pulling the horse.

    1. The council doesn’t have the powers to do that. Would encourage you to write to your MP if you would like that change to be made.

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