City Council Covid-19 Update 17.04.20

Dear all,

Please find today’s City Council update below. We hope you are well and have a restful weekend.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. You can email us at or

In this briefing

  • Latest update
  • Service changes
  • Madeira Drive first road to be allocated for walkers and cyclists
  • Parking concessions for carers and volunteers
  • Homelessness update
  • Public Inquiry postponed
  • Keep your distance – 2m stencils on the seafront and in parks

Latest update

At this evening’s Downing Street address, Alok Sharma MP, business secretary, announced that the government has set up a vaccine task force to find a coronavirus cure.

The taskforce will be led by Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan van Tam.

Right now the message as we head into another weekend is that everyone needs to stay at home and maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. These actions slow the opportunities for the virus to be passed from person to person and this saves lives.

Everyone should:

  • Stay at home
  • Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this absolutely cannot be done from home)
  • Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home

Full guidance on staying at home and away from others

Anyone can spread the virus.

Stay home and save lives.

Service changes

Information on council service changes due to coronavirus (COVID-19) are on our website.

Madeira Drive first road to be allocated for walkers and cyclists

Brighton & Hove is joining other world cities and reallocating road space for local people to get their daily exercise.

From Monday 20 April, Madeira Drive will be temporarily closed to traffic and open to residents in the area to walk and cycle.

The move comes as cities respond to a decrease in traffic numbers as a result of the coronavirus restrictions and look at opportunities to temporarily open up more space on roads for their residents to keep healthy during lockdown.

More information on our newsroom

Parking concessions for carers and volunteers

Updated letters are now available for carers, support workers and volunteers as proof of their key worker status for any activities they need to carry out such as shopping or picking up equipment for others. It also now gives them the same concessions as NHS and key workers with parking, details of which can be found on our website.

The advice for anyone that thinks they need one is:

  • If you are volunteering – contact the organisation you volunteer through for a copy of the letter
  • If you are looking after someone (unpaid) – contact the Carers Hub (so they can check for any other needs the carer may have, not just a copy of the letter)
  • If you are a paid care or support worker – contact the organisation you work for

Homelessness update

We continue to work with people who are homeless to make sure they can be safe during the pandemic.

We recently updated on how more than 170 people have been accommodated with meals provided throughout the day. Donations of food, toiletries and electronic devised have been received from across the city to support those in need.

Sadly there have been allegations that a few people who have been given support have sold items on.

Commenting on the situation Councillor Gill Williams, the council’s chair of housing, said: “We are working with our partners and a team of fantastic volunteers to make sure no-one who had been sleeping rough in the city goes hungry.

“The vast majority of that work has been to supply food directly, but some of our partners have issued supermarket vouchers to people able to shop for themselves. We’re aware of reports of a few vouchers being misused and this, of course, is completely unacceptable. We are working to make sure we can supply food to everyone and stop the use of vouchers.

“We cannot confirm the rumours of donated electronic goods being sold. If people do see any goods being offered, please report it to the police.

“We will not replace any items we believe may have been traded. The donations are important to help people needing to remain in their rooms for long periods and it would be a shame if donations stopped due to the actions of a few.

“Our street outreach service St Mungo’s have by far the most extensive knowledge in this area and are working closely with all those in need.

“A small number of reported problems should not distract from what has been an incredible, caring and compassionate response from many organisations and volunteers working together to support people through this crisis.”

If you see anyone you think might be sleeping rough or begging, please let our street outreach service know by emailing and we’ll help get them the support they need.

Public Inquiry postponed

The Planning Inspectorate Inquiry for the Sackville Trading Estate and Hove Goods Yard, Sackville Road, Hove, planning application has been postponed. It was scheduled for next Tuesday 21 April at Brighton Town Hall.

The Inquiry will either take place as a virtual public meeting (the Planning Inspectorate does not currently have agreement to undertake inquiries using video technology) or in public when the current restrictions have been relaxed.

When we have a new date for the inquiry, we will contact all interested parties with additional information about how to take part (if it is held using video technology). If you have any enquiries, please email

Keep your distance – 2m stencils on the seafront and in parks

Stencils showing what 2m (6ft) looks like are being used across the seafront and in the city’s parks to make sure people keep their distance from others.

The stencils are being used to complement the 50+ banners that went up at the start of April along the seafront, reminding people of the importance of social distancing and staying two metres apart.

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