Christmas arrangements at CityClean

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Please find details below covering the Christmas arrangements at City Clean.

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The Christmas and New Year period is always an exceptionally busy time for Cityclean. This is due to the volume of waste produced, the bank holidays, and annual leave.

A review exercise was completed of last year’s Christmas service operations. This has been used to inform arrangements for this year’s Christmas period.

Over the Christmas period volumes of waste are significantly higher due to increased consumption. Cityclean are expecting the volumes of domestic waste generated to be higher still due to the pandemic. This has led to increases in online shopping with associated packaging and people spending more time at home.

Cityclean operates every day of the year but with a skeleton service on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day when the Waste Transfer Stations are closed and to allow most staff to have a break with their families. The communal refuse bins will be emptied everyday and there will be a daily street cleansing service. However, it is very possible that communal bins and recycling points will be over stretched over these days.

Based on the lessons from last year, Cityclean are arranging to increase the emptying of on-street bins over Christmas week to ensure maximum capacity for residents over the Christmas period. Nevertheless, they anticipate there will be times when the bins are overflowing. Please bear with them while they address this.

If you see an overflowing bin you can report it here.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas Tree recycling points are open from Monday 28 December to Monday 11 January.

In Brunswick and Adelaide Ward, we have one recycling point – Adelaide Crescent.

Brunswick Square is not a recycling point. Please do not leave your tree here – it is flytipping. The nearest recycling points are Adelaide Crescent or St Anns Wells.

Residents must not leave trees on the pavement, road or beside a communal bin as this is fly-tipping and they could be fined.

Household Waste Recycling Sites

The opening hours for the household waste recycling sites are as follows.

Thurs 24 Dec8am – 1pm8am – 1pm
Fri 25 DecClosedClosed
Sat 26 DecClosedClosed
Sun 27 Dec9am – 5pm10.30am – 1.30pm
Mon 28 Dec9am – 5pmClosed
Tue 29 Dec8am – 4.30pm8am – 4.30pm
Wed 30 Dec8am – 4.30pm8am – 4.30pm
Thu 31 Dec8am – 1pm8am – 1pm
Fri 1 JanClosedClosed
Sat 2 Jan9am – 5pm8.30am – 1.30pm
Sun 3 Jan9am – 5pm10.30am – 1.30pm
Mon 4 Jan8am – 4.30pm8am – 4.30pm

How you can help – manage your waste

Cityclean are encouraging residents to manage their waste responsibly and minimise the additional waste produced by thinking about their purchasing.

If you have too much waste to fit in your bin, please keep it until their next collection if they are able to do so hygienically. Alternatively, you can take it to one of the Household Waste Recycling Sites. Please only to leave recyclable waste at a recycling point if there is space to put it in a bin.

Only plain wrapping paper and Christmas cards can be recycled – foil or paper covered in glitter can’t be recycled.

The increase in online orders this year has meant a lot more boxes for Cityclean to collect! Please flatten all cardboard to make space in recycling bins and boxes. Used batteries must be recycled at local supermarket or Household Waste Recycling Sites. They must not be put in household waste or recycling bins or boxes

Batteries thrown into ordinary bins, household waste or with other recycling are extremely dangerous as they can explode and cause fires.

You can also take advantage of our new Tech Takeback collection scheme as a responsible way to deal with unwanted electrical items.

Fly-tipping of any type of waste is illegal, and anyone caught will be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice

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  1. Last year the Christmas Trees were still there at Easter, a resident helped clear the pathway, Phelim eventually helped get them moved, Adelaide Crescent became a dumpling ground. What measures are in place this year?

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