Councillor Ward Surgery

Our Councillor Ward Surgery returns on Wednesday 29th January at 7.15pm. It is held at the Cornerstone Community Centre.

No appointment is necessary although it is helpful to have an indication beforehand if you are planning on attending.

For any further queries, don’t hesitate to contact us on or

Dates for Community Tidy Ups 2020

Thank you to all who took part in our Community Tidy Ups this year. We are pleased to have made an impact to our community through these days.

In order to provide the most notice possible, we have scheduled the following dates for our tidy ups in 2020:

Saturday 1st February
Saturday 4th April
Saturday 6th June
Saturday 5th September
Saturday 7th November

All tidy ups will commence at 11am at the Waterloo Street Arch Community Garden.

South and South East in Bloom

It has been another successful year for our ward in the Brighton & Hove City in Bloom and South & South East in Bloom awards.

Brunswick Town in Bloom received a Silver Gilt in the South & South East in Bloom in the Urban Community category. The report from the judging can be viewed here.

In the It’s Your Neighbourhoods categories of South & South East in Bloom, Lansdowne Street received advancing. Along with this, Friends of Brunswick Square and Terrace, Friends of Palmeria and Adelaide, Lansdowne Place North and South, Norfolk Square Group and Waterloo Street Arch Community Garden all received thriving.

The full results from across the South East can be downloaded here.

Many congratulations to all who took part this year. For more information on next year’s in Bloom, please email

Final Ward Surgery of 2019

Dear all

As we do not hold a ward surgery in December, our final ward surgery will be held on Wednesday 27th November at 7.15pm

If you have any questions for your councillors or something you wish to raise, please do join us next Wednesday at the Cornerstone Community Centre.

Pre-booking in advance is not required

Best wishes

Cllrs Clare and Mac Cafferty

Graffiti Removal Consultation

Brighton and Hove City Council have today opened a consultation on Graffiti Removal. We know this is an issue which concerns our residents greatly, and as a result we have copied the information released by the council below.

At present the council is only responsible for removing graffiti and tagging from its own buildings and other equipment it owns like bins, lamp posts and playpark equipment.

We’re not responsible for removing anything on private property or land, including graffiti on company buildings or belongings, unless it’s offensive.

The consultation is open until 15 December and takes around 10 minutes to complete. It contains 11 questions including:

  • how big a problem tagging and graffiti is for the city
  • whether companies like BT, Virgin Media and gas and electric providers, should clear graffiti from their own equipment like electricity/junction boxes
  • whether Network Rail should remove graffiti and tagging from property it owns like bridges, hoardings etc
  • what views people have on private homeowners and landlords removing graffiti from their properties
  • should the council set up its own graffiti removal service that can charge companies and homeowners for removing graffiti

The consultation closes on 15th December.

Cllr Hannah Clare

Waste and Recycling – 4/10/19

We have seen the terrible state of the streets and we have been inundated with emails from residents today who are rightly annoyed. It is completely unacceptable.

We have been reporting issues all this week as the state of the bins across the ward is leaving whole areas of our neighbourhood looking squalid

Despite rumours that there was a strike, apparently the reason behind the current issues is that 3 of the 5 trucks needed to complete the rounds in the city are out of action. Yesterday 4 out of 5 were out of action. This means they have been unable to complete their rounds. The head of Cityclean, Rachel Chasseaud has published an open letter for residents giving more detail.…/update-refuse-and-recycl…

Hannah and I have repeatedly raised the issues of the bad state the communal bins leave the streets and indeed the lack of bins in the first place to accommodate the rubbish. At the last meeting of full council both Hannah and I raised questions on this. Please find them attached.

There is a report to the Environment Transport and Sustainability Committee next week which potentially offers some longer term solutions…/$City%20Environment%…

See Appendix 2 for updates…/$City%20Environment%2…
The work proposed includes analysis of the location and condition of each communal bin and then a new communal bin system with a series of criteria. Apparently this will take some time to implement but Cityclean and the Labour administration hope it might offer some relief to the issues areas like ours which is now wholly reliant on communal bins continue to have.

The latest update earlier yesterday was that once a further truck came back into play they would be sorting communal bins in Hove but it’s clear from reports, our own photos and social media today that this is isn’t the case. Hannah has posted details of the current issues at…

As ever we will carry on raising your issues and you can of course report bins to us, Rachel and cityclean. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance.

Yours sincerely